Douglas Lilburn

A Search for Tradition & A Search for a Language

ISBN: 9780473183790

Published June 2011

Unsurprisingly, Douglas Lilburn doesn’t date —his ideas are 
as fresh and pertinent now as when he wrote these lectures. 
And he knows that audiences matter as much as writers, 
artists and musicians. He is especially good on heritage and 
future, on the need for wonder and imaginative awe, and on 
the sheer hard work involved when artists decide to speak 
for themselves. He is also alert to the tricky negotiations 
New Zealanders need to manage between the local and 
the global. Above all, he shows us not only how to stand 
upright, but also how to dance around a little. 
Bill Manhire 

From across a lifetime, Douglas Lilburn speaks that unpala- 
table but illuminating truth that, if we are to be comfortable 
in our cultural skins, we must grow them for ourselves and 
nobody other than us can truly celebrate in them. 
Hamish Keith 

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