Tim Corballis


ISBN: 9780864734136

The intricate and arduous underground world of caving is the setting for this prize-winning first novel of quest and self-discovery.

Todd has left his job and broken up with his girlfriend. While picking up the pieces of his postgraduate research, he finds himself increasingly drawn into the underground world of caving, and especially into an ambiguous relationship with Phil, an experienced caver obsessed with retracing the steps of an expedition during which a young friend was lost. Meanwhile, relationships with his divorced parents and a new girlfriend become increasingly fraught.

Below is a beautifully written and engrossing novel which comes to a spellbinding conclusion in the deep chambers of Deadman’s Cave.

Praise for Below

...he describes the cramped and overwhelming world of the underground, not to mention its wonders, with elegant and adroit language.
Johnny Blades NZ LISTENER

By evoking the fear and wonder of the underground, however, and by drawing comparisons between its depths, twists and turns and the distances between what people say and do, Corballis has created a powerful and convincing suspence story that merits a wide readership.

...Corballis is no ordinary first-time novelist and Below is no ordinary book. Highly recommended
Alistair Shaw SALIENT

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