Geoff Cochrane

Bengal Engine's Mango Afterglow, The

ISBN: 9780864737618


Bashö alone and walking some high path.
Bashö alone and climbing the concrete steps to heaven,
a flask of gin in his satchel.
A flask of gin and a spring roll gone cold.

The great Japanese poet Bashö is just one of the shades that haunt the vividly precise yet deeply mysterious poems in Geoff Cochrane’s new collection.

Geoff Cochrane is the author of numerous highly regarded collections of poems, two novels and two collections of short stories. In 2009 he was awarded the Janet Frame Prize for Poetry.

‘One exits so many slim volumes with slim pickings. Then there are those books of poetry that seem fuller than fiction. Geoff Cochrane’s is a whole world, rendered in lines at once compressed and open, mysterious and approachable. These are poems of great formal poise and terrific candour.’Damien Wilkins on Vanilla Wine

‘It becomes apparent that Cochrane is not merely a frugal poet, thriftily recycling anecdotal skerricks and wisps of philosophical thoughts and self-destructive deeds into highly crafted and sophisticated works of art, but also a darkly humorous memorialist: a keeper of the keys for marginal Wellington.’ David Eggleton on 84-484.

'My favourite VUP book from this year is Geoff Cochrane's The Bengal Engine's Mango Afterglow . I love GC's poetry and his new collection is just as wonderful as his previous books. I love his searing honesty in the way he looks at himself and the world, his work is wise in a completely humble and fearless way. He's so darned funny, too. I kept finding lines which I wanted to write down in my diary, or write on the wall or get tattooed on my body or something.' - Helen Lehndorf

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Bill N 18th Dec 2012

It's good

This is as good as anything Geoff Cochrane has written, which is as good as anything anyone else has written, which it turns out, is not as good as anything Geoff Cochrane has written.

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