Susy Frankel and Daniel Gervais, eds

Intellectual Property and the Regulation of the Internet

ISBN: 9781776560998

November 2017

The internet has transformed creative and innovative pursuits for economic gain or otherwise. Yet flow-on complications around intellectual property (IP) law and related regulation have not taken full advantage of the benefits offered by the internet: collective creativity, information sharing, modification and additions to information and copyright works.
Historically human and economic development have shaped IP rights, and regulation around the internet and patented rights of authors to their creativity should be no different. The essays collected in Intellectual Property and the Internet address this digital space where human and economic goals both meet and collide in unprecedented ways.
'Intellectual Property and Regulation of the Internet: The Nexus with Human and Economic Development: The Issues', Susy Frankel and Daniel Gervais'Is It Copyright’s Role to Fill Houses with Books', Rebecca Giblin, Monash University
'Conjectures on Governance and Wholesale Copyright Licensing', Adriane Porcin, University of Manitoba
'The Internet, Facebook, Smart Phones and Intellectual Property Rights: A Happy Combination', Estelle Derclaye, Nottingham University
'Brand Symbols, the Consumer, and the Internet', Annette Kur, Max Planck Institute, Munich
'Towering Wave or Tempest in a Teapot? Synthetic Biology, Access and Benefit Sharing, and Economic Development', Margo A. Bagley, Emory Law School
'The Importance of the US Telecommunications Act for Access to Knowledge: A Primer on the Net Neutrality Debate for Developing Countries', Ruth L. Okediji, Harvard Law School
'Uber Copyright Reform', Daniel Gervais, Vanderbilt Law School
'What Could Happen if Intellectual Property Is Treated Seriously as a Regulatory Regime?', Susy Frankel, Victoria University of Wellington


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