Judith Huntsman, Allan Thomas and Inele Tuia (eds)

Songs and Stories of Tokelau

ISBN: 9780864732019


Published 1990

Until the 1970s most Tokelauans read or wrote Samoan; Tokelau was used only for oral communication. Rapid changes are being made today to ensure the continuation of the language and its acceptance in written form. This important volume draws on recordings of song, stories and interviews made over a period of 20 years to present several of the most substantial treasures of the Tokelau tradition; from the rich store of old songs and the vibrant pool of new. It provides an English translation alongside the Tokelauan original, and aspects of Tokelau culture which provide the context for performances are described. Illustrations include historic and contemporary photographs, and line drawings by the young Tokelau artist Fuimanu Kirifi. The result is a testament to the lively imagination of Tokelau composers both past and present, and a significant cultural document.


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