Jenny Bornholdt


ISBN: 9780864734525

Summer, a new collection of poems by Jenny Bornholdt, one of New Zealand’s best-loved poets is warm, witty, engaging and accomplished. The superb cover is by award-winning designer Sarah Maxey and the line drawings are by poet, essayist, artist (and Jenny's husband) Greg O’Brien.

Jenny held the Katherine Mansfield Fellowship in Menton, France in 2002. Most of the poems in
Summer record the experiences of the poet and her family through the Mediterranean summer. The book begins, however, with a powerfully moving group of poems from the previous summer – “the summer that wouldn’t go” – when Jenny’s father lay dying.

(for Felix)

Your tooth falls out, the fairy comes,
You’re pleased someone invented hands.
The days go by in cloaks and masks.

You fight and love the other one
and sometimes long to be alone.
Buy flowers for your room.

Amazed at what your hands can do
you shape the tunnel the train moves through
at speed.

You wonder how the fairy knew
to find you here.
She might have heard
your younger brother, in distress
lying awake at night
whispering your home address

Praise for Summer

Summer is the work of a mature, energised, confident and engaging writer.

...the poems provide a marvellous, uplifting snapshot of time in a foreign country, where everything is new... this seventh collection celebrates life with a warm intensity born of an awareness and acceptance of its far too seasonal nature.

Jenny Bornholdt is one of New Zealand's best-loved poets. She allows her poems to immerse themselves in marvellous details of everyday life. Constantly through the years she has served up poems rich in anecdote and incident. ...Jenny writes about all the important things in life: love, sex, family and memories. Summer is another slim volume full of shimmering, lovely thoughts ...Summer is full of mellow magic.

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