Elizabeth Knox

The Vintner's Luck Film-Tie In Edition

ISBN: 9780864736055

One summer evening in 1808, Sobran Jodeau stumbles through his family's vineyard in Burgundy, filled with wine and love sorrows. As Sobran sways in a drunken swoon, an angel appears out of nowhere to catch him.Once he gets over his shock, Sobran decides that Xas, the male angel, is his guardian sent to counsel him on everything from marriage to wine production. But Xas turns out to be far more mysterious than angelic.

Compelling and erotic, The Vintner's Luck is a decidedly unorthodox love story, one that presents angels as fierce and beautiful as Milton's, and a vision of Heaven, Hell, and the vineyards in between that is unforgettable.

This new edition features cover art from the film which was written and directed by Niki Caro, and starring Keisha Castle-Hughes. It received its world première with a red carpet screening at the Toronto Film Festival on 12 September, and opens throughout New Zealand on 12 November.

Elizabeth Knox is the author of eight novels for adults and two for children as well as a collection of nonfiction published to acclaim in 2008, called The Love School: Personal Essays. She is one of New Zealand's most successful writers and has a keen readership both in New Zealand and overseas.

Her sequel to The Vintner's Luck, The Angel's Cut was published in June and has been called one of the books of the year.

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