Kate Camp

Beauty Sleep

ISBN: 9780864735119

Kate Camp is one of the stars of contemporary New Zealand poetry, known for her witty and observant poetry, her entertaining public readings, and her monthly guest spot on National Radio. Beauty Sleep is her third and best collection. It will excite her existing admirers and launch her onto a larger stage.

The insomniac asleep

To say that she goes to sleep is not correct.
Sleep comes to her.

It approaches like a hunter on the ice
and disregarding her imploring eyes, clubs her.

It is a plain utterly empty of remorse.
It is a sea made up of salt and only grains of water.

But oh, sleep it its tight trousers is a handsome fellow
faintly ridiculous but with bulges demanding
to be taken seriously.

Yes, sleep treats her bad
like a man in a country song
and it never stays long.

Praise for Beauty Sleep

Good fun

Kate Camp's new book of poetry comes decked out in flamingo pink. The poetry, likewise, is eyecatching: lively, humerous and entertaining. Imagine a handfull of sparklers all burningat once. That's Camp's poetry.
Tom Weston THE PRESS

Kate Camp was born in 1972 and lives in Wellington. She is a poet, prose writer and reviewer. Her first collection of poetry, Unfamiliar Legends of the Stars, won the NZSA Jessie Mackay Award for Best First Book of Poetry at the 1999 The Montana NZ Book Awards, and was highly praised by reviewers. Her second, Realia, appeared in 2001, and her essay On Kissing in 2003. She was Writer in Residence at Waikato University in 2002, and is the voice of "Kate's Klassics", with National Radio's Kim Hill.




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