Ken Duncum


ISBN: 9780864734938


Winner - Best New Zealand Play 2003 Chapman Tripp Awards

Cherish is the tale of two couples—Jess and Maeve, William and Tom—and the children they share.
What happens when good intentions run up against the hard realities of human need?

The strength of Ken Duncum's extraordinary and exciting new play, Cherish, lies in his ability to dissect with surgical skill the tangled emotions of his characters and expose them clearly and convincingly while he ratchets up the tension with an intriguing plot.

KEN DUNCUM is one of New Zealand’s leading writers for stage and screen. His plays have won numerous awards, and he has written extensively for TV drama series such as Duggan and Cover Story (for which he won Best Script for Drama at the NZ Film and Television Awards). Since 2001 Ken has been the Director of the MA Scriptwriting programme at the International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University. A collection, called Plays 1: Small Towns and Sea, of three of his reality-based plays—Flipside, Horseplay (an imaginary meeting between James K. Baxter and Ronald Hugh Morrieson) and Trick of the Light (a detective and his wife revisit the scene of the Crewe murders)—was published by VUP in July 2005.


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