Hinemoana Baker


ISBN: 9781776563142

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JUNE 2020

Don’t ask me to speak for the nations, we shift
the hate with the light from our fascinators

A queer / takatāpui Māori writer living in Berlin, Germany since 2015, Hinemoana Baker brings a unique perspective both to and from the ‘global North’. Drawing on the German meaning of the word ‘funken’ – to send a radio signal – her latest collection broadcasts unsettling songs of rebirth, love, friendship and alienation across homes and languages, to the living and to the dead.

Funkhaus is home to big, punchy poems and shimmering delicacy, as well as Hinemoana’s trademark humour. This book invites readers to tune out the crackle and static, and dial in their own receivers to a signal that has travelled a long way to reach them, no matter where they are.

The polaroid grows branches, colours and
cousins, rivers, mountains twist and pose
on the high-stepping stiletto
red carpet

‘Born in Berlin, Funkhaus is always somehow calling home. Or calling out for home.’
—Marty Smith

210x138mm, 72 pp

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