Justin Lewis and Jacob Rajan

Indian Ink: Krishnan's Dairy, The Candlestickmaker, The Pickle King

ISBN: 9780864734976

This trilogy of plays is the most significant body of work in recent New Zealand theatre.

Such is the power of Jacob Rajan’s ground-breaking work: it changes the way you see the world . . . such riveting theatre that you would have to have a heart of reinforced concrete not to be captivated. NZ Listener

Krishnan’s Dairy Gobi and Zina Krishnan have come to New Zealand in search of a better life. They work hard and keep their dreams stacked on the shelves of their struggling business. Two New Zealand clichés about Indians - the Taj Mahal and the corner dairy ­ are fused into an enchanting love story.

The Candlestickmaker A young New Zealand Indian student, Lonely Planet in hand, sets off to discover India and ends up discovering the mysteries of the universe. A play about black holes and the formula for happiness.

The Pickle King The Empire Hotel is as faded as the dreams of the piano player who haunts the lobby. Jojo, a heart surgeon and recent arrival from India, is a night porter at the hotel. Ammachy runs the Empire with an iron fist and has one big problem: her niece will not be married. Sasha knows she must not marry because she is cursed ­ everything she loves dies.

Praise for Indian Ink

Three hit plays from the legendary theatre company founded in 1996. Food for thought - spicy and very moreish. LEAFSALON

Authors Jacob Rajan and Justin Lewis formed Indian Ink Theatre Company in 1996.

Jacob is a writer and performer, a microbiologist and teacher. He devised and performed the forerunner to Krishnan’s Dairy as his solo piece for Toi Whakaari The New Zealand Drama School, before joining forces with Justin.

Justin is a writer, director and producer. He trained at the John Bolton Theatre School in Melbourne, and has built his career developing new works including dramas, theatre in schools, pantomimes and dance/theatre works.

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