Judith A Davey, Kay Morris Matthews and Jenny Neale (eds)

Living and Learning: Experiences of University after Age 40

ISBN: 9780864734617

Change is an accepted part of 21st century life. The ‘Education in Mid and Later Life’ project and subsequently this book, grew from an awareness that New Zealand, in common with most developed societies, is ageing, and that population ageing adds to the challenge of adaptation. Encouraging continuing or lifelong education has been seen as one way to help people adapt, and more and more people over forty are entering or returning to tertiary study.

Living and Learning reports the findings of a series of in-depth studies and answers questions about diverse groups of students: early school leavers, men, Maori, teachers, nurses, mid-career students, those who had been made redundant, and retirees. It deals with who they are, their patterns of study, their employment status, their motivations and the decisions they make. It examines how they experience university, how they see their futures and how educational institutions might better plan, promote, process and deliver courses to this growing group of older students.

CONTRIBUTORS AND TOPICS *Introduction Judith A Davey *Early School Leavers and the Path to University Judith A Davey *Victorious Men Jane Renwick * Older Maori as Students Maamari Stephens and Te Ripowai Higgins *Is It Worth It? Full-time Teachers Who Study at University Part Time Kay Morris Matthews * Nurses at University Allison Kirkman and Alison Dixon *‘Ageproofing’ Your Career Deborah Jones and Sarah Proctor-Thomson * Redundancy as an Opportunity Judith A Davey * University Study in Retirement Judith A Davey *Why Do They Leave? Jenny Neale *Conclusion Judith A Davey, Jenny Neale and Kay Morris Matthews

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