Louise Wareham Leonard

Miss Me a Lot of

ISBN: 9780864735553

Miss Me A Lot Of is a poetic, elliptical, and deeply moving coming-of-age novel, which extends the range of New Zealand fiction. The central character is Holly, daughter of a powerful and charismatic father and socially anxious, New Zealand-born mother. Hers is a story about the fate of beauty and attractiveness, and the tribute we pay to eros.

Praise for Miss Me a Lot of

Like uncovering a secret, finding a good novel puts one deliciously in the know, with the accompanying thrills of disclosure.
Miss Me a Lot of provides thrills galore; it is simply stunning . Louise O'Brien THE DOMINION POST

...from the sophisticated simplicity of its title - how nice to have an author credit her readers with sharing her own subtle intelligence - to its scrotum-tightening insights into the hollowness of male desire, Miss Me a Lot Of will disappoint no one.
From the launch speech by Guy Somerset, Books Editor DOMINION POST

Leonard's prose is cool, spare and eloquent, and she's adept at building tension. It's a pleasure to read a book that's so cleanly and economically written. ... Miss Me a Lot of is a dark, bleak take on men's and women's power - but it's a terrific read.

Miss Me a Lot of is one of the most wonderful depictions of absolute loneliness, sadness, and the sense of loss that is desire and love. It's incredibly sad. Leonard has an absolutely perfect pitch for the way you feel when you’re young and when you’re in love, and when it’s hopeless. She does it all absolutely flawlessly. She’s a wonderfully talented writer.
Laura Kroetsch GOOD MORNING TVOne

Since you Ask (2004) was not only hailed by New Zealand reviewers but picked up a major American award (the James Jones Award). Her second effort, equally accomplished is likely to receive the same attention.

Absolutely recommended. It is a marvellous book - there are not many books that I'd read again but I've already started to rereading this having read it in a hiss and a roar. There is so much there that is wonderfully and beautifully hidden...Keep an eye on this woman, but read this one, it's a beauty.
Mary McCallum RADIO NEW ZEALAND NATIONAL "Speaking Volumes"

Louise Wareham Leonard tells her story of rich, spoilt Holly in a rather low-key style but it is this slightly off-hand approach which pulls you in to machinations of Holly’s family who have everything and the nouveaux riche neighbours who begin to affect their status quo. Dropped hints, incidents and a build up of tension just keep you reading- and you will not be disappointed. This is a book to be devoured in a couple of sitting and much talked about afterwards. Looks like the rise and rise of a very promising writer.
Doris Mousdale

...lyrical, poetic – gorgeous actually. And challenging. There is indeed an undercurrent of submerged violence, but it’s bathed in lake swims, sunlight, Frank Sinatra, tennis whites and gin.
Kathy Hunter LEAFSALON

Wareham’s sense of place is conveyed well; summer days by the lake are chronicled in a smooth and quiet way, and the locations are made very real to the reader. There are some beautiful turns of phrase, in particular the description of Holly’s tipsy mother, “My mother became soft, pliant, the alcohol-drenched stem of a tulip.”

Louise Wareham Leonard's second novel is [a] subtly crafted exploration of the delicate balance of human relationships.

... the fresh and energetic writing wooed me to the end. Here is a New Zealand novelist to watch.

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