Tracey McIntosh, James H Liu, Tim McCreanor, and Teresia Teaiwa

New Zealand Identities: Departures and Destinations

ISBN: 9780864735171


New Zealand Identities: Departures and Destinations 


The various peoples who have come to call New Zealand home have long histories of their own, but as a modern nation, New Zealand is young. Such youth has a particular vibrancy, and its own peculiar crises.

New Zealanders have seen war, at home and abroad; they have also sought peace, domestically and internationally. And whether New Zealanders will ever arrive at agreement on a singular definition of their national identity, what is clear is that the process of identity-making here is dynamic.

In this book, 15 writers with diverse personal and scholarly backgrounds examine issues of identity as both departing point and destination.

Read separately, their essays are windows into the diversity of thinking about identity that New Zealand has inspired across the social sciences. Read together, they reflect common themes and a deep understanding of identity that transcends disciplinary boundaries, and acts as a testament to the sincere desire of social scientists to engage in an open dialogue with the goal of informing public debate.

The Centre for Applied Cross Cultural Research (CACR) is a multi-disciplinary centre for social science research, consultancy, and training on domestic and international issues involving culture.

Based at Victoria University of Wellington, the CACR has associates that hail from other parts of New Zealand and international associates from around the world. Part of the vision of the CACR is to engage academic researchers, government agencies, and community organizations in a mutually productive dialogue around issues of culture, with the hope of building a more inclusive society that understands and manages its diversity better.

Preface: ‘The Spirit of Waikanae’

11 Introduction: Constructing New Zealand Identities
James H. Liu, Tim McCreanor, Tracey McIntosh,
Teresia Teaiwa

21 Citizenship, Identity and Belonging:
Addressing the Mythologies of the Unitary Nation State
in Aotearoa/New Zealand
David Pearson

38 Maori Identities: Fixed, Fluid, Forced
Tracey McIntosh

52 ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones . . .’:
Talking Pakeha Identities
Tim McCreanor

69 History and Identity: A System of Checks and Balances
for Aotearoa/New Zealand
James H. Liu

88 Nation and Identity in the Waitangi Tribunal Reports
Giselle Byrnes

104 Moving Beyond Cultural Essentialism
H.B. Levine

118 Rethinking Inclusion and Biculturalism: Towards
a More Relational Practice of Democratic Justice
Kelly Barclay

140 The Changing Face of New Zealand’s Population
and National Identity
Arvind Zodgekar

155 Immigration, Acculturation and National Identity
in New Zealand
Colleen Ward and En-Yi Lin

174 New Zealand Chinese Identity:
Sojourners, Model Minority and Multiple Identities
Manying Ip and David Pang

191 Living in the City Ain’t So Bad:
Cultural Identity for Young Maori in South Auckland
Belinda Borell

207 Ambivalent Kinships? Pacific People in New Zealand
Teresia Teaiwa and Sean Mallon

230 Representing New Zealand: Identity, Diplomacy
and the Making of Foreign Policy
David Capie and Gerald McGhie

242 Who Are We? New Zealand Identity and Spirituality
Paul Morris

255 100% Pure Conjecture: Accounts of Our Future State(s)
Bob Frame, Pala Molisa, Rhys Taylor, Hemi Toia and Wong Liu Shueng

291 Afterword: The Evolution of an Inclusive National Identity
Joris de Bres, Race Relations Commissioner

293 Contributors

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