Vincent O’Sullivan

Nice morning for it, Adam

ISBN: 9780864734730

Winner of the Poetry Category of the 2005 Montana New Zealand Book Awards

Nice morning for it, Adam continues and builds on the achievement of Vincent O’Sullivan’s recent highly-regarded collections, Lucky Table and Seeing you Asked. These poems reveal a powerful intellect brought to bear on a world of continual change and curiosity. Stepping deftly through a breathtaking range of voices and forms, this book places poems of wry satirical humour against those of remarkable sweetness. What is offered is a poetry of openness and moving humility, as well as an insight into the peculiar challenges of being human.

"There is a kind of luminous spirituality about O’Sullivan’s poetry, that long after you have read the poems, continues to reside in the objects or situations the poems describe." – Anna Jackson

"A reader has to be prepared to be overwhelmed here. Lucky Table is gorgeous and magnificent, O’Sullivan at his most vulnerable and loving." – Hamish Wyatt.

Praise for Nice Morning for it, Adam

Don't try and bolt through this book in one go. Sit back, relax, take your time and revel in its pleasures.

[Nice Morning for it, Adam] shows O'Sullivan in superb form: he just keeps getting better. It's the most assured collection of New Zealand poetry I have read in a while, and should be early favourite for poetry book of the year.

The overall impression is of a world of hightened sensuality, of gorgeous, hidden places, all observed with a dry intellectual rigour that is sad and wise and quite wonderful.
Penny Beider NZ HERALD

The poems shimmer with skill and vigour... With this collection his reputation as one of New Zealand's foremost living literary figures takes another step forward.
Paul Thompson THE PRESS

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