Jennifer Shennan, Makin Corrie and Tekenimatang (eds)

One and a Half Pacific Islands

ISBN: 9780864735232

This book, published on 15 December 2005, marks 60 years since the entire population of Banaba (Ocean Island) were relocated from their homeland, which now lies within the territory of Kiribati, to Rabi Island in Fiji, thus freeing up Banaba for continued phosphate mining, which enriched the agricultural industry of other countries, principally New Zealand and Australia.

One & a Half Pacific Islands is made up of the stories of the Banabans themselves – memories of their ancestors, personal accounts of the often terrible events of the 20th century, and stories of their resurgent life on Rabi today. These stories have been gathered by Makin Corrie Tekenimatang and Jennifer Shennan and are accompanied by photographs by John Casey. In addition there are valuable historical accounts and photographs of early 20th-century Banaba.

Praise for One and a Half Pacific Islands

To read this book is an emotional journey - a moving and reflective experience that becomes even more intimate through the photograghs that acompany many of the essays, which literally allow the reader to gaze into the eyes of the storytellers.
Mary E Lawson Burke THE CONTEMPORARY PACIFIC 19:2 (2007)

By compiling the personal reflections of islanders young and old with the views of visitors from outside, the editors have produced a unique and engaging volume. Beautifully presented and with some wonderful photographs and illustrations, One and a Half Pacific Islands will be a valuable resource for scholars and a fascinating read for anyone interested in Pacific culture or history.

While the pain of relocation and the horror of some of the events that happened on Banaba are not shied away from, many of the stories presented here also narrate the formation of a double consciousness: how to think, remember and revisit Banaba at the same time as learning how to be Banaban elsewhere. As Taomati Teai puts it, ‘Wherever Banabans may be, they know where their roots are. . . . You talk of Banaba, you talk of the Banabans. In Fiji you talk of Rabi, you talk of the Banabans’ (p. 127). This collection will have broad appeal, from a general readership interested in the contemporary Pacific, to teachers, students and scholars of the Pacific and modern colonialism, and of oral history.

Foreword Cr. Teatu Rewi
Preface Jennifer Shennan

Taraan oin Abau – Glimpses of the Homeland
1. Introduction Makin Corrie Tekenimatang
and Jennifer Shennan
Four Legends told by
Makin Corrie Tekenimatang
2. Te Buaka i Tairua i Banaba
The Battle at Tairua on Banaba
3. Te Rongorongo ni Nanikaro
The Tale of Nanikaro
4. The Tale of Tabakea and Auriaria
5. The Tale of Na Buni
6 Anakin te ran man Tenamauea Kabanti
Te Bangabanga are ‘Te Ba’
The Underground Caves of Banaba
7. Te Kabwane Eitei – Karoro Tekenimatang
Catching a Frigate Bird
Ara Ikawai – Our Leaders
8. Na Rota Kain Banaba Teitirake Tekenimatang
Rota’s Story
9. Nei Tenamauea Tenamauea Kabanti
Tenamauea’s Story
10. Nei Makin Makin Corrie Tekenimatang
Makin’s Story
11. Kabunare’s Story Michael Field
12. Na Teitawana – A Senseless Death Teweiariki Teaero
13. Na Taomati Tamara Taomati
and Ranga Teitirake
14. Kanimea’s Mission and Passion Teweiariki Teaero
15. My Days at Motawa Banea
16. Strong Currents Tuari Itaia
17. A Minister Visits Banaba Rev. Semota Ekeaua
18. Euneke – Traditional Healer Numaniti Christine Teiannang
of Uma Village
19. ‘Ocean Island/Banaba’ Rev. Koririnnang Manibwe
20. The Will to Live Butau Bureitetau
21. Caretaking the Resources Deaconess Wabuti Rouben
22. A Story about Adoption Maere Kaireiti
23. Women’s Interest Group Arariki Kaake
24. Looking After My Family Mere Timoteo
25. Fishing and Carving on Rabi Tiroba Tabuariki
26. Teaching English at Tumeima Rotan Wiriam
Rabi High School
27. Thirty-three Years of Teaching Raratu Burenteweia
28. Buakonikai Primary School Alita Tebaia
29. Thoughts from a Teacher Katarina Dimainukusa
30. Disaster Strikes at Buakonikai Tion Katangateman
31. Laughter and Joy in the Village Kaitama Tebaiti Tawaka
32. Dancing and Massage Kaiao Borerei
33 An Island Flowing with Rev. Itaaka Eri
Milk and Honey
34. It’s Good To Know Both Sides Veronica Toaia McGhee
35. Teaiwa’s Kainga Katerina Teaiwa
36. Banaban Routes and Roots – Wolfgang Kempf
A Dialogue and Taomati Teai
37. Feelings of Connectedness – Elfriede Hermann
The Banabans and their & Taiman Tebitaki Kokoria
Home Islands
38. A Kind of Heaven Betuao Chung
39. Born on Banaba Barbara Dreaver
Ara Ataei – Our Youngsters
40. This Life on Rabi Kiaimoa Tekenimatang
41. The Young Man and the Sea Bubutei Teaoti
42. Getting to School on Time Takenteiti Corrie
43. Maybe to Study Agriculture? Teria Tekenimatang
44. Maybe to Become a Doctor? Totea Timoa
45. Maybe to Become a Teacher? Aroiti Tikaua
46. A Photo of My Father Tearoba Teaiwa
47. Maybe to See My Little Brother Kauae Tekanabu
One Day?
48. Maybe to Become a Pilot? William Tabuariki
49. Culture and Craft at Merea Timoteo
Rabi High School
50. Maybe to Become a John Tekenimatang
House Builder?
51. Proud to be a Pupil Mautera Ratai Michael
52. Learning to Fish Joseph Paul Tuari
53. A Tidal Wave on Rabi Francesco Pio Tuari
54. The Special Rock at Mokai Serah Tabuariki
55. My Dancing Experience Teitinikaeke Tekenimatang
56. My Dream Tioua Tabuariki
57. Decembers on Rabi Taniera Tekenimatang
I-Matang – Those from Outside
58. Diary, Ocean Island, 1900 Albert Ellis
59. Six Months on a South Sea Island Lilian Arundel
60. Ocean Island William Mahaffy
61. A Letter to the Banaban People Jennifer Orange
62. Ko-Na Mauri Joan Milne
63. My Life on Ocean Island Mary Hunt
64. Closer to Home Than Paul Wolffram
Any Place I’ve Got and Bill Muir
65. A Pendant of Phosphate Rock Helen Pilkinton
66. My Father, Paul Laxton Hilary Laxton Kerrod
67. Banaban Dance Beth Dean Carell
68. Frigate Birds on the Wing Jennifer Shennan
69. A Banaban Journey Gerard Hindmarsh
70. Drifting with the Banabans Fr Donal McIlraith
71. Letter to Banaba Helen Tionisio


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