Nigel Cox

Phone Home Berlin: Collected Non-fiction

ISBN: 9780864735676

Paperback, 138 x 210mmmebook.gif
300 pages

Published 2007

Nigel Cox (1951–2006) was one of New Zealand's major writers. His six novels opened up a space in New Zealand literature that hadn't existed before, a space in which a recognisable New Zealand reality is illuminated by a mythic dimension drawn from twentieth-century popular culture. The essays and other writing collected in this book provide remarkable insights into these books and the life and interests behind them.

Phone Home Berlin was planned by Nigel before his death at the age of 55 in 2006, and is edited by his publisher and friend Fergus Barrowman.

(The cute little guy on the cover is Ampelmann – the old East German ‘Cross-now’ pedestrian symbol. Ampelmann is a pop-culture icon in modern unified Germany.)

Praise for Phone Home Berlin
It's like living inside a richer, more clear-eyed, more generous mind than your own 
—David Larsen, Weekend Herald

This book is a very good book of its kind and one that doesn't shout at the reader.
—Warwick Roger, North & South


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