Fergus Barrowman

Sport 41: New Zealand New Writing 2013

ISBN: 9770113789000/41

JUNE 2013

From Pip Adam to Ashleigh Young, two-thirds fiction by page count and three-quarters poetry by writer, and with the focus firmly on emerging talent, Sport 41 is a superb overview of current New Zealand writing.



Patrick Evans

Pip Adam

Jo Aitchison

Philip Armstrong

Emma Barnes

David Beach

Tony Beyer

Miro Bilbrough

Hera Lindsay Bird

Peter Bland

Gemma Bowker-Wright

James Brown

Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle

Samantha Byres

Rajorshi Chakraborti

Medb Charleton

Geoff Cochrane

Megan Doyle Corcoran

Lynn Davidson

Breton Dukes

Lynley Edmeades

Patrick Elliott

Paul Ewen

Joan Fleming

Bernadette Hall

Jessica Hansell

Helen Heath

Anna Jackson

Gregory Kan

Dave Kent

Brent Kininmont

Aleksandra Lane

Stefanie Lash

Anna Livesey

Frankie McMillan

Maria McMillan

Gerald Melling

Hannah Mettner

Jo Morris

Frances Mountier

Emma Neale

Bob Orr

Vincent O’Sullivan

Melissa Day Reid

Harry Ricketts

Kerrin P. Sharpe

Charlotte Simmonds

Marty Smith

Elizabeth Smither

Adam Stewart

Rosabel Tan

Tim Upperton

Catherine Vidler

Tom Weston

Sugar Magnolia Wilson

Lydia Wisheart

Ashleigh Young


Cover: Kerry Ann Lee, Big City Rising (大市上升)

(courtesy the artist and Bartley + Company Art Ltd)




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