Cliff Fell

Adulterer's Bible, The

ISBN: 9780864734600

Winner - New Zealand Society of Authors Jessie Mackay Best First Book Award for Poetry, 2004 Montana New Zealand Book Awards

Fell was described by the judges as a writer with a big career ahead of him. They said this was an outstanding first book that demanded to be considered as one of the best poetry books of the year.

THE ADULTERER’S BIBLE is a wickedly entertaining collection of poems from one of the most distinctive new voices in New Zealand writing.

From autobiographical lyrics like ‘The Adulterer Becomes a Roadie for the Clash and Thinks About Sleeping with their Girlfriends’; to the long poem ‘Ophelia’, about the tender love between an adolescent boy and an orangutan; to the reconstructed writings of Nelson legend Fidel Serif; this book will surprise and delight.


I’m learning to lie because lies are made of gold
and when they roll off my tongue I feel like a rich man.
And every tongue my tongue touches turns to gold
like I’m the King Midas of French kissing.

Come, my love, let’s spend it while we can
before you see who I really am:
the small man who stamps his feet on the floor,
tongue-tied when his name turns the gold to straw.

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