Geoff Cochrane

The Black and the White

ISBN: 9781776562152

MARCH 2019


Paris. London. Maximal New York.


But I stay here. I

do. Never quite achieving

escape velocity.


Mammoths in blue meadows


Pearls and coffee grits and bloodied gauze


Don’t say a word

while we dance with the Devil


The Black and the White is a new work – witty, fearless, formidably concise – from one of the most distinctive voices in New Zealand poetry.

Geoff Cochrane is the author of seventeen collections of poetry, two novels, and Astonished Dice: Collected Short Stories (2014). In 2009 he was awarded the Janet Frame Prize for Poetry, and in 2010 the inaugural Nigel Cox Unity Books Award. Geoff received an Arts Foundation of New Zealand Laureate Award in 2014.

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