Lorae Parry


ISBN: 9780864734358

She leads a mutiny, steals the Captain’s clothes and whips his naked posterior, but when Charlotte encounters a troupe of actors during the Waikato land Wars, the drama really begins . . .
Vagabonds is an exuberant exploration of aspects of New Zealand’s historical past. Lorae Parry takes three real people — Charlotte Badger, an escaped convict with a colourful past who was New Zealand’s first recorded Pakeha woman, and Mrs Foley and Mrs Swan — and imagines a series of increasingly outrageous incidents set against the backdrop of the Waikato Land Wars.

LORAE PARRY is one of New Zealand’s leading playwrights, and is also a successful actor and director. Her plays, which have been performed widely in new Zealand and overseas, include Strip, Frontwomen, Cracks and Eugenia.

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