Lloyd Geering

World of Relation

ISBN: 9780864730008

Martin Buber’s I and Thou, already an established religious classic, is even more relevant and pertinent to the present generation than to the one in which it was written. With true prophetic insight Buber discerned beneath the surface of the western civilisation of his time a deep-seated trend which could endanger and even destroy our most precious human possession – our personhood. Buber throws much light on what it means to be a person, on the nature of a true community, and on how divine presence is to be encountered in a world in which God has died for many, but for Buber is merely ‘eclipsed’.

Long before people were talking about ecology, ecosystems and environmental impacts, Buber discovered that basic to life, and particularly to human life, is relation. Buber calls us to understand and appreciate the world of relation.

It is hoped that this simple introduction will help its readers to share in Buber’s insights, to stimulate them to read Buber for themselves, and then to explore still further, within the context of their own lives, the significance of those insights for daily living. If Buber is right, there is a certain urgency for us to do this because of the dangers which today threaten our personal existence as a human community.

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