Laurie Guy

Worlds in Collision: The Gay Debate in New Zealand 1960-1986

ISBN: 9780864734389

The focus of this book is the struggle for decriminalisation of sexual acts of male homosexuals in the period 1960-86. It begins by noting the repression and invisibility of homosexuals in the 1960s, before exploring the origins and significance of the NZ Homosexual Law Reform Society and the gay liberation movement. Because of the significance of religion in relation to the debate, a chapter is devoted to major change and cleavage that occurred within the churches. Finally, the intense 15 months of debate prior to decriminalisation in July 1986 is studied in depth.

Based on 22 interviews with important participants in the debates, as well as extensive research in archives and published material, Worlds in Collision is the first time this important story has been told. It is a major contribution not only to the international literature on the history of homosexuality but also to our understanding of post Second World War New Zealand society.

Rev LAURIE GUY MTh MA LLB(Hons) PhD is a lecturer at Carey Baptist College, Auckland.

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